We are experts in providing IT solutions for small to medium size businesses.
We offer complete technology solutions to small and medium size businesses.

Our services go hand in hand, we offer bespoke IT support that usually only larger corporations enjoy the benefit of.

Services we provide

IT Support

We offer an IT Support service designed for small to medium size businesses. Our IT support is of the highest professional standard and guaranteed to give you some of the advantages usually only available to much larger businesses.


We offer a wide range of managed IT security services to organizations of small and medium sizes. Our IT security services provide protection across the network, data, web servers, remote users, customers and partners.

Web and Cloud

We provide all-in-one solutions for web, cloud and mobile technologies that helps small and medium size businesses grow their IT infrastructure. We offer solutions to develop web and mobile applications and cloud based security services.

Backup and Recovery

What would happen if you lost your critical files? Over 90% of small businesses have no disaster recovery solution in place. DigitalSol offers a comprehensive solution to protect you from these events.
Our business ethos comprises of the following
To offer value for money for businesses of all sizes
To ensure all solutions are of the highest quality and branding with guarantees
To ensure customer satisfaction from instruction to implementation
Specialist staff ensure that we provide you with the right person for the job